Your Team Effectiveness Audit and Action Plan

Develop a thriving team that supports your growing business

From £1000 for up to 6 people

What got you this far won’t take you to the next level in your business growth.

You’ve dedicated so much time to your business and you are proud of what you’ve achieved. You are breaking the mould in your industry and giving your customers the service they deserve. It feels good.

But you’re at a crossroads.

You know you need a good team behind you to keep up the momentum of growth but managing a team seems like a full time job in itself and it’s taking your attention away from growing your business further.

Surely hiring people is supposed to make life easier?

But, when you’re…

  • Still doing everything (or having to check it is being done right)
  • Struggling to find the right staff to fit the roles you have
  • Trying to give your team responsibility but finding they are coming up short
  • Dealing with the fall out of mistakes that are being made
  • Desperately trying to keep your customer service and standards at the high level they’ve always been

…it’s all a bit of a headache.

You don’t want to rule with an iron fist, you’re not a dictator. But you do want your team on the same page, working collaboratively, independently and getting stuff done so they bring the value to your business that you hired them for in the first place.

The truth is you are the boss.  You are psychologically, physically and emotionally invested in your business but you have to inspire this in your team. They don’t owe you dedication.

Leaders of great teams create the time and space to listen to their staff and understand their perspective, to get to know them and how best to utilise their knowledge and skills, to make their wellbeing and job satisfaction a priority.

When you take the time to hear them, they will in turn be able to hear you.

And that is when your business can truly soar.

It’s time to really step into the role of the leader your team and business need you to be.

Keep those high standards you have build your reputation on, and develop a team excited to deliver the best to your clients every day.

How can the Team Effectiveness Audit and Action Plan help?

I provide a unique measuring tool that assesses team effectiveness.

I do this by asking each team member to complete a short anonymous online questionnaire that examines both the tasks they are responsible for and the relationships within the workplace.

These results are then collated and delivered in an exclusive report for your business that is concise, visual and easy to understand.

In the half day workshop that follows, I help you and your team review the findings and agree the priority areas for development and improvement. We work together to find solutions, understanding where you are right now and where the focus needs to be to move forward.

By the end of the workshop you will have an agreed actions plan with timescales and accountability for each priority and I will be on hand to support you to implement afterwards.

With this process you will discover:

  • Lost potential and how to raise the performance of your team
  • How to create an environment where team members can safely speak up and add value
  • The root causes of the issues you are dealing with every day
  • Where to start to make improvements and how to make informed decisions that benefit everyone

My promise is to make you feel EPIC (yes I really mean that). It’s time to feel Empowered, Purposeful, Inspired and Connected!

Hi, I’m Jo

As a working mum I understand how easy it can be to lose our identity and become disconnected from who we want to be.  As a business owner I know how important it is to understand ourselves so we can use our strengths to drive our business forward in a way that feels good to us and avoids burnout.

In my previous life I have worn many hats including HR manager and leadership trainer.  I now love putting these skills into practice when working with innovative business owners who are making a massive impact in the world and changing their industry from the inside out.

The problem is, despite their success, they know that to take their business to the next level they have to step up into a leadership role.

This. Is. Scary.


What makes a team?

To get the best results for the audit a team is a group of people who all work for the same manager. They may have different roles but for the business to be successful they have to be able to work together.

How many people needs to be in a team for the report to be meaningful?

You need at least 4 people to complete the questionnaire to make it worthwhile.

How long does the team need to have worked together?

Ideally you’ll have worked together as a team for 6 months so you drawn on that experience when you answer the questionnaire.

Can you help implement the changes we agree on?

Absolutely! At the end of the workshop you’ll have your action plan. If you would like me by your side as you implement it, or accountability to make sure you’re moving forward that can be arranged.

Is the workshop online or face to face?

We can do either. Both options work and we can talk about what would be best for you and your team.

What if there are more than 6 people in the team?

No problem. Let’s have a chat and I can give you a quote based on the size of your team.

Can this process be repeated to measure our progress?

Yes, and it’s a great idea to do that. Part of your action plan could be to set a timescale to make the changes and agree when you’ll do the questionnaires again to see how much you’ve improved. Some teams complete the questionnaire on a regular basis so there is a constant focus on continuous improvement.