Designing solutions that work for you

  • Online or in person
  • Working with you 121 or  working with you & your team
  • Providing unique solutions for your unique business

Some of the tools I use 

Personality Profiles and Team Building Tools

Using the language of colour to raise self-awareness, enable better communication and stronger relationships in teams.

Emotional Culture Deck

A powerful card deck that will help you drive bottom-up change by focusing conversations on the culture and leadership you want to see in your business. This tool helps build empathy, create connections and foster trust in any team.

SHL Talent Assessments and Skills Tests

A broad range of online assessments and tests that will help you recruit and develop the talent your business needs to grow and deliver the high levels of service your clients have come to expect from you.

  • Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ)
  • Motivational Questionnaire
  • Cognitive Assessments (e.g. numerical reasoning, deductive reasoning)
  • Skills assessments and job simulations (e.g. coding skills, contact centre simulation)
  • Behavioral assessments (e.g. scenario based quizzes, situational judgement tests)
  • 360 feedback