3 tips to get your team working ‘on purpose’

When you started your own business, it was because you wanted to do things differently. You could see there was a better way to serve your clients and you wanted to bring that fresh thinking approach to the world.

The great news is that your business is growing and now you have a team of people working with you to deliver the customer experience your clients have come to expect from you. And now it’s up to you to set the direction for your team. That’s why your having a shared purpose for your business is so important.

Without it you feel like you’re dragging the business along. You feel frustrated and disconnected from your team, they just don’t seem to get you and your vision for your business.

In this blog I will share 3 simple things you can start doing this week to motivate yourself and your team around your purpose.

1. Make sure everyone in the team knows what your purpose is

It might sound simple but don’t assume that it’s easy. You need to talk about it more than you think! Your purpose really means something to you but you can’t expect that it will automatically mean as much to your team members just because you’ve brought them on board.

If you’re working in an office put it on the wall, if you’re working virtually send everyone a notepad or mug with it printed on. Perhaps you can organise a team meeting where you share your purpose and explain how it impacts on decision making.

team working on purpose

2. Make sure everyone in the team is clear about the part they play in delivering your purpose

Every role in your business is essential to your success otherwise you wouldn’t be paying someone to do it.  It might not always obvious to your team members how their role contributes to your purpose so talk to them about why it is so important.  When everyone understands why their part matters they can own it and take responsibility for it.

Ideally this is done when you’re onboarding new starters, but you can also revisit this regularly during 121’s and performance review meetings.

3. Involve your team in reviewing how well you are delivering your purpose

When you ask your team for their feedback it empowers them and encourages them to feel more invested in the outcome.  How aligned do they think your business is to your purpose?  This will help you see how well they’ve understood it, but also give you a fresh perspective.  

This is a great exercise to build into your strategic quarterly reviews with your team.

For those that want to dig deeper on this I help businesses to align their purpose with their team. It’s time to stop feeling frustrated with your team.

Get in touch to find out how I can help you lead your team your way.

Hi I’m Jo,

As a business owner I understand how easy it can be to feel overwhelmed by your business. I know how important it is to build a team around you that can support you to bring your vision to life. You need to feel empowered to drive your business forward in a way that feels right for you and avoids burnout.

In a previous life I’ve been the leader of a large team but I have also been a trainer, a facilitator, assessor and coach, all in the leadership space. I now love drawing on my experience to help business owners who are breaking the mould in their industry and doing things differently to discover how to lead their business THEIR way.

The problem is, when you set out to do things differently there isn’t a blueprint to follow. It’s about finding a way that works for you. I provide the tools and support that enable business owners to lead themselves, their business and their team in way that feels authentic and sustainable for them.

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