Learn how to grow your business and your team in a way that feels good.

90 minute Online Workshop

Thursday 22nd September 2022, 12.00pm


You love what you do but the day to day of managing your team takes up much more time than you expected. Having a team was supposed to give you more time and freedom. So why doesn’t it feel like that?


  • Your team are more empowered to make decisions and get stuff done without you
  • You have time to focus on building the business, you can finally feel free to look forward
  • You feel supported by your team and see the value they add to your business and customers

You know you need to do something different, you can’t go on forever like this. At the moment you feel you are running around in circles either micromanaging everything or just picking up the pieces. You want your team to be clear about their roles so they can confidently take responsibility but you don’t want to just bark orders at them and become the boss you used to hate.

You want to feel in control and have peace of mind.

That’s not too much to ask. Is it?

Of course not. And I can help.

On the 22nd September I am running an interactive workshop for business owners who are ready to become the leader their business needs.

It is for those who care about their employees, who want to create a culture of cooperation, built on passion for delivering an exceptional service.

If you recognise yourself here, this is your opportunity to make a change.